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Get you home ready for summer


Get you home ready for summer

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Get your home ready for summer

It may not yet be spring, but there's no reason why you shouldn't get a head start and spruce up your home before the long summer days set in.

We may be still in the grips of winter, but we’ve reached the halfway mark (the days started getting shorter from June 22) and things are going to start warming up soon. The time to start preparing for summer is drawing nearer and whether you go all out and refurbish your home in preparation for the hotter months or simply maintain what's already in place, the sooner you get started the better.

Time to party

Take a critical look at your entertainment area and revamp where necessary. If you've been thinking about adding a built-in braai, begin by getting quotes or sourcing the materials if you intend tackling the job yourself. Most areas in South Africa have a high summer rainfall which can play havoc with any building plans. Those who chose to build during winter and spring generally have an easier time of things and the work gets finished faster. If you already have the luxury of a built-in braai, you should scrub the surrounding preparation areas, clean and check the gas bottle - refilling if necessary - as well as thoroughly cleaning the grill with a wire brush. Coating the grill with a thin layer of cooking oil is always a good idea.

Examine your outdoor furniture carefully. Wooden patio furniture often takes a beating in the colder months and it may be time to sand and re-varnish tatty, older pieces. Likewise, give plastic furniture a good clean and replace any broken pieces. Steam clean your outdoor cushions to remove any mould or stains. Consider replacing faded covers if they’re past their prime. Inspect the roof of the outside area and give it a good clean. Repair the thatch of your lapa to ensure it remains waterproof.

Clean up and revarnish the deck if necessary and be sure to replace any broken tiles around the pool area. Talking of pools, consider having your pool filter serviced by a professional to help ensure your pool remains sparkling throughout the summer months. Wash down all pool accessories, fix any punctures and replace old pool noodles.

Restock your medicine cabinet with summer essentials such as insect repellent and sunscreen. Replace threadbare beach (and pool) towels and clean up any sporting equipment that's been stored for winter.

Sorting out the interior

Clear away the clutter inside your home. Our summers are hot and a dark home filled with junk is going to make you feel that much warmer. Heavy curtains should be replaced by lighter, cooler drapes and heaters, fleeces and other winter items should be packed away.

Replace winter duvets and blankets with lighter, more comfortable bed linen. Wash or dry clean eiderdowns or duvets before wrapping and storing them away for next winter.

Defrost your fridge and freezer and get rid of anything you can’t identify or which has been lurking in the depths for longer than you can remember. Most things have a ‘best before’ date and even those that don't like jams and sauces often lose their flavour after being open for long periods of time.

It may not yet be spring, but there's no reason why you shouldn't get a head start and spruce up your home before the long, balmy summer days set in.

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