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3 minor kitchen renovations that pay off


3 minor kitchen renovations that pay off

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Once you start considering making minor changes to the interior of your home, it is important to decide whether the spend will enhance investment value in the long term. 

Alex Albertyn from Simply by Design, says a small capital outlay can result in a sizeable increase in the value of your property.

1. Practical ideas to implement

Practical considerations for kitchens are a good starting point.

By removing a single wall separating the kitchen and the dining room for instance, it is possible to gain enough space for a freestanding island, creating an open, easy living area. This can compensate for the limited floor space in smaller apartments or homes.

For practicality, one could add lockable castors that will ensure mobility when more space is required in either the dining or kitchen area. 

2. Make trendy choices

Staying abreast of basic trends in tiles, colour schemes and finishes can revive and add value to your investment.

When considering small decorative changes in your kitchen, bear in mind that continuity and uniformity is important.

Use the same colour schemes in the tiles throughout your home, and when selecting countertop finishes, add colour with a beautiful decorative finish as a feature to complement this.

By selecting white subway tiles for instance, you can create a clean backdrop for a kitchen worktop, splashback or shower.

Geometric shapes are currently popular - the market is flooded with a variety of floor, wall and mosaic tiles in all colours, shapes and sizes. Using these patterns can create effective features and focal areas, adding interest and aesthetic value.

3. Upgrade cabinetry

Also, by simply changing cabinetry handles or sprucing up your existing cabinetry doors with a professional paint finish you can create the impression that your kitchen is still fairly new.

If you want to spend a bit more money, retain the existing carcasses and replace only the doors with a beautifully lacquered finish or acrylic panelling.

For instance, you can use a combination of earthy blues as the trendy, yet timeless colour palette for a kitchen, thus keeping it neutral, uncluttered and cool.

As you can see, there are an array of small changes one could make to a kitchen that will most certainly increase the resale value of a property without needing a huge budget.

Article courtesy of www.simplybydesign.co.za.

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