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Easy Ways to Create a Zero-Waste Household


Easy Ways to Create a Zero-Waste Household

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The goal of creating a zero-waste household is to live a more sustainable life and to enforce eco-friendly behaviours.

It might not be something that will happen overnight but there are little changes you can make. They might seem like small changes but they will have a huge impact on your household.

You will find that the people in your household will be healthier, happier, and more conscious of their role in protecting the environment.

Here are five easy ways to create a zero-waste household:                

#1 - Change your buying habits

The easiest way to start creating a zero-waste household is to change the way you buy because our buying habits can contribute to an excess of waste.

Packaging contributes to the three million tons of waste we produce every year and only 1.9 million tons end up being recycled.

If you think about the contents of your waste bin at the end of the week, how much of it could have been recycled? How much of it could have avoided ending up in the bin if you changed your shopping habits?

Try buying products in bulk to reduce the number of smaller containers that you throw away. If this seems impossible, try to repurpose the containers and use them for something else. 

#2 - Every zero-waste household needs a compost heap 

Sticking to the idea of reusing items, why not make your own compost heap? If you are an avid gardener, then this is the perfect way to ensure that your plants are healthy and happy.

You can save on buying compost from the shop and you are well on your way to creating a zero-waste household.

You can add almost anything to your compost heaps, like old newspapers, egg cartons, eggshells, vegetable scraps, and teabags. 

#3 - A zero-waste household is a DIY household

A great way to reduce the number of products you buy is to do it yourself.

You can create your cleaning products from natural ingredients and you can store them in reusable containers.

White vinegar, for example, can be diluted with water and is strong enough to get rid of dirt on surface areas. The best thing about it is that it won't stain or scratch your surfaces!

This will not only save you money at the end of the month but you also eliminate packaging that will end up as unrecycled waste. 

#4 - Plant your own greens

This takes the phrase 'going green' to a whole new level. Planting your own greens is a great way to start a zero-waste household.

This is an easy way to reduce the amount you spend on food and you get to create a garden-to-table experience for your family.

It also reduces the packaging that you throw away every time you use store-bought vegetables.

You don't have to live in a huge yard to plant your own veggies and salads. There are many ways that you can create small gardens in your apartment or home. 

#5 - Avoid using disposable items

The idea of a zero-waste household is to create as little waste as you possibly can.

So try to follow the golden rule: If you buy something and you know it is going to end up in the bin, don't buy it.

You can start by replacing disposable items with items that you can use over and over again. These include things like razor blades, batteries, nappies for babies, and containers.

Buying disposable items can also suck the life out of your budget. You have to constantly replace them when you are done using them. Rather invest in something more permanent. 

A zero-waste household will not happen overnight. By making a few changes, however, you'll be well on your way to creating a sustainable life. 

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