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5 Lighting Styles for Every Room

Every room should have different lighting styles to highlight its features. Not every room fulfils the same function so why would you install the same type...

5 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Real Estate Photos

Category Selling
Real estate photos are a great way to put your house on display and highlight all its amazing features. However, the photographer can only do so much to make...

Common Bond Rejections and How to Improve Your Chances

Category Money Matters
Bond rejection can hurt pretty badly especially if you had your heart set on a specific house. The best thing to do is to get up, dust yourself off, and...

5 Tips for Buying a House with Student Debt

Category Money Matters
Having student debt really puts a pause on your life because it consumes a huge chunk of your money. If you are still studying then it takes up a lot of your...

Easy Ways to Make Your Old Bathroom New Again

Your trip to the bathroom shouldn't feel like you are walking into the 1960s - it is after all the place where you want to unwind and wash the day away...

5 Signs of an Unstable Foundation

Category Buying
A house can collapse due to poor infrastructure and an unstable foundation. When buying or selling a house, you must look out for signs of foundational damage.

Sustainable Décor for Your Green Home

Sustainable décor is all about being considerate to the environment when you decorate your home. If you are trying to transition into an eco-friendly...

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Yard during the Holiday Season

Category Lifestyle
After an incredibly long year, the holiday season is finally upon us where we can laze around all day and spend some time in the sun. There is nothing quite...

What You Need to Know About A Cash Offer

Category Selling
One way to quickly sell your house is by accepting a cash offer. This is not a route that regular buyers take. Many choose to apply for a bond and pay it...

Easy Ways to Create a Zero-Waste Household

Category Green Living
The goal of creating a zero-waste household is to live a more sustainable life and to enforce eco-friendly behaviours. It might not be something that will...
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