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5 Easy Ways to Liven Up Your Patio for Spring


5 Easy Ways to Liven Up Your Patio for Spring

A patio is the best place for a sundowner and to entertain family and friends.

After the cold winter, however, your patio might be unused or outdated.

Spring is around the corner and summer will follow shortly. Whilst you are unpacking your cooler clothes and making sure the swimming pool is summer-ready, you should start thinking about how your patio can be spruced up, too!

You don't want your loved ones side-eyeing your patio because you haven't used it for an entire season.

Here are 5 easy ways that you can liven up your patio for spring:

#1 - Clean the patio

As with most things, a good old spring cleaning can make a patio look brand new again. This, of course, does not mean simply sweeping the dust off the floor.

Firstly, you're going to have to clear the patio so that you can give it a thorough scrub. Remove all the plants and furniture to make sure you get in those hidden nooks and crannies.

If you don't remove the debris properly, it can leave stains on your beautiful wooden floors over time and then it becomes a headache if you try to get rid of it. 

#2 - Refresh the patio furniture

Your patio might look a bit dull after the long winter months and the best way to make it look vibrant again is to refresh the furniture.

You don't necessarily have to go buy new furniture but you can replace accessories and accent pieces.

A few bright cushions will definitely do the trick and you can always add a few pot plants if the space looks a bit bare.

If you are thinking of replacing your furniture, stick to waterproof options that are durable and easy to clean. 

#3 - Make the patio comfortable

When livening up your patio remember that you want to make it as cosy and comfy as possible.

No one wants to enjoy the sunset on uncomfortable chairs! When rearranging or picking out furniture, make sure that you keep the dimensions in mind.

Smaller pieces can be moved around easily and they fit better in smaller spaces. The last thing you want is to have limited space on your patio.

During a braai or a get-together, people like to move around. Don't arrange the furniture in such a way that it limits movement. 

#4 - Make it pop

Bringing colour into any room always makes it feel inviting and warm.

Even though a patio is outside, you want it to scream summer, so why not play around with a few colourful pots and plantsYou will still have the perfect outdoor vibe but your guests won't get tired of the same old boring plant-green effect.

Plant flowers in different colours in pots and place them on your patio. If you don't want to go the flower route, you can always replace your current pots with colourful and vibrant ones.

Just remember to stick to your colour palette. Too many colours can be an eyesore. 

#5 - Throw shade

Even though summer brings longer days and warmer nights, the sun can be unpleasant if it is shining directly into your eyes when sitting on the patio.

A great way to avoid this and keep other weather elements at bay is to add lightweight curtains.

Not only will it protect you and your guests against the wind and the sun, but it also adds that extra layer of privacy. 

The perfect patio won't jump out of a magazine. It will take some planning and hard work. But just imagine how good the first cocktail of spring will taste on your newly renovated patio!

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